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Reduce pain, improve function, & enhance performance.

About trU mvmnt
The focus of trU mvmnt is yoU. The goal for you is to create integrity with your movement so your body can live, breathe, and move with ease. This is done by educating how the nervous system works with the rest of the body, using neurology to reset and guide the body to a normal state of balance, and by providing self care tools and exercises for you to take ownership of your well-being again.
trU mvmnt is simply here to guide you and provide as much support as needed. It is incredible what the human body is capable of. Sometimes it falls off the tracks due to injury or trauma and it just needs some help getting back on. trU mvmnt is here for yoU! 
Functional Neurology, Manual Osteopathy, & Kinesiology
trU mvmnt assesses movement biomechanics and the neuroconnectivity of the motor and sensory nerve pathways to reduce pain, improve function, and enhance performance.
This helps speed up recovery time after injury, helps prevent further injury, increases strength, stamina, stability, and mobility.
Exercise is used to help integrate new patterns and guides the body to making permanent changes.

Assessment & History

A thorough health history intake, verbal, visual, movement, and functional manual muscle testing are used to map out compensation strategies that have adapted during traumas, injuries, and system overloads.


U are unique.

Functional Neurology

Gentle and non-invasive neuromuscular corrections are made and neuro-challenges are used to guide the body back to a balanced state.



U are connected.

Self Care & Exercises

trU mvmnt is here to help and guide your body to heal, but we also need your 100% effort and commitment to create permanent change. You will be provided with specific corrective exercises and tools to help you progress further at home.

U are responsible.

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