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About Concetta

My Story

I have been involved in the study of human movement and exercise science my whole life. I take an evolutionary approach to movement and health, optimizing human performance and well being while combating the negative effects of our modern world. I began my pursuit of excellence by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology specializing in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology at the University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Shortly after, I continued my education and became an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and Functional Neurologist.

The complexities of human movement led me to deepen my knowledge of the nervous system where movement is organized. If dysfunctional movement patterns within the body can be reprogrammed from the source of organization the body can move with greater mobility, stability, and without pain. Pain and weakness is the result of the body’s nervous system being out of balance in an attempt to keep the body from further harm. I use functional neurology, movement, and soft-tissue techniques to rebalance and reset the body’s neurological pathways. I have additional training in cranial sacral therapy, advance muscle testing and palpation, RockTape, mirco-anatomy/biomechanics, vestibular/concussions and neurokinetic therapy. I strategically combine neurology, movement, and manual therapy to guide the human body to proper function.


I worked in an active rehabilitation facility for 7 years performing functional movement assessments, constructing individualized corrective/performance programs, and implementing these programs for a wide variety of dysfunctions. I have worked with clients that had multiple herniated discs, total hip replacements, low back pain, frozen shoulder, reconstructive knee surgery, pre and postnatal, geriatrics, and elite performance athletes. 

trU mvmnt was born in 2017 with over 15 years working in the the field. I have learned and developed an unique view and work with individuals using multiple lenses, that of a therapist, coach, and educator. Educating my clients is something I feel strongly about. I want my clients to take ownership of their movement so they can develop greater awareness and live the life they want without pain. 

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